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Logline: The Specktacles follows a dysfunctional family of sentient microbes living in the armpit of a human man

Feels like: Osmosis Jones meets King of the Hill

The Specktacles centers on a blended, anthropomorphic, virus, and bacteria family living in the armpit of a man named Mo. Mo recently used antifungal medicines to clear up yeast and other bodily fungi and set off a microbial meltdown that pushed the liberal and now displaced Fungish (Fungus) community north to the once homogenous and conservative Backterion (Bacteria) town of Mo East. Mo East becomes a progressive microbial melting pot; and no one hates that more than the curmudgeonly patriarch of the Specktacles, Archy—a bigoted war veteran and conspiracy theorist who is convinced that because he and his kind, the Backterion, defeated the Fungish in the Battle of Mount Nippoli they are here for one reason and one reason only—revenge.

From family squabbles during road trips to Niagara Balls to surviving Mount Pimpopolous eruptions, The Specktacles offers smart, stupidly funny, and fresh commentary on the modern American family navigating the human condition while adapting to sociopolitical change.

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TONE: Smart, funny, thought provoking, timely

THEMES: chaordicism, identity, change, existentialism

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