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  1. Marketing Plan

    1. Promote the Kickstarter Campaign to Alis’s audience

    2. Use the Kickstarter campaign to exceed the ask to make the entire venture a zero-risk venture for the investors. If the Kickstarter campaign does not successfully hit the target number, then the investor money will be used to execute the above plan

    3. Promote and make everyone aware of the successful campaign

  2. Return on Investment

    1. The investors will be a part of a 360 deal. They will receive 50% of the profits from the following:

      1. Comic Book Sales

      2. Merchandise Sales

      3. Podcast Deal

      4. TV or Feature Film Deal

      5. The NFT profits

  3. Projections

    1. Alis has 130,000 followers. If 10% of those followers participate in the Kickstarter Campaign at an average of $50 each that is a $650,000.00 USD capital raise

    2. For the NFT deal, the metrics project 5000 to 10000 NFTs at $500 each for a total that will fall between $2.5M and $5,000,000.00

    3. Once the one or two episodes are produced, the series will be sold to a distributor (Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu) or independently distributed on Amazon, Tubi, and YouTube where fans will be asked to pay $1 per episode to watch after watching the first episode or two for free

  4. Timeframe

    1. Two to three months after the close of the Kickstarter Campaign to fully produce the first two issues of the comic book, the remaining 6 to 8 issues will be produced within 12 to 24 months

    2. Six months to produce the podcast episodes

    3. Six months to set up and release the NFT offering

    4. 12 to 18 months to produce the first two episodes of the limited animated series

  5. Team

    1. B. Van Randall (Writer and Creator) award-winning writer and filmmaker

    2. Alis Z (Talent and Inspiration)

    3. Doriys Giacchetto (Illustrator)

    4. First Fight Animation or Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania on Netflix).

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A Comic Book & Animated Series

Created By B. Van Randall

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