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  1. Hire Kickstarter Campaign Manager​

  2. Comic Book Artwork (Pencils, Inks, Colors) for 8 to 10 issues

  3. Lettering of Comic Books

  4. ISBN Registrations

  5. Boost Posts and Compensate Influencers​

  6. Hire Boser Enterprises or NFT Genius to set up and offer the NFT

    1. Projected Capital Raise: $5,000,000.00 to $8,000,000.00 via the NFT sale

  7. 10 episode podcast to be widely distributed 

  8. Create a limited animated series based on the comic book and produce the first 1 to 2 episodes

  9. Development of an app game that will eventually be turned into a virtual reality game for the Metaverse.

  10. Travel and per diem for Alis Z. around the world to do book signings

  11. Publicist to promote the book and the crowdfunding campaign in international markets.

  12. Develop Alis Z. and the Thieves of Keys merchandise

    1. Backpacks

    2. Cell phone cases

    3. Ink pens

    4. Fanny packs

    5. T-shirts

    6. Hoodies

Alis Z_naked cover_RGB.tif

A Comic Book & Animated Series

Created By B. Van Randall

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