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Carlos Davis

Voiced by Carlos 'HaHa' Davis.

(World famous comedian & Instagram star. HaHa has been featured on Comedy Central, Netflix, and ABC)

Carlos Davis is a high profile attorney and is known for his seemingly supernatural ability to get his clients acquitted. Carlos had a rough upbringing in Detroit, MI but was able to succeed in life by utilizing his athletic abilities as well as his academic genius.

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Voiced by Dani Fernandez

(Host for channels including E!, Disney, SYFY, Nerdist, Skybound, Geek & Sundry, Mental Floss, Machinima, and How Stuff Works. She also has a cameo as herself in Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Diane is an Assistant U.S. Attorney and has a very successful track record of winning in court. She is intimidated by Carlos because of his abilities to win his cases. She and Carlos have an attraction to one another; however, they have not gotten romantically involved yet.

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Devough Kline

Target Voice Actor: Joseph Pontarelli aka Kush Papi

(Public figure and comedian)

Devough Kline is another organized crime leader in Michigan and is known for being extremely ruthless. Carlos Davis successfully gets Kline acquitted in a very high-profile case. 

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Randall Chillings

Voiced by Andrew 'King Bach' Bachelor

(World famous actor and social media star)

Randall is the high school bully and torments and abuses Carlos because he is jealous of his intelligence. Randall's home life is troubled, and he takes a lot of his frustrations out on the other children at school. Carlos just happens to be the one he takes it out on the most.

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Novi Cole

Voiced by Snoop Dogg

(Godfather and pioneer of Westcoast hip-hop. A-list celebrity with an extensive discography that includes multi-platinum hits)

Novi Cole is a known crime boss in Michigan. He is feared and known for always getting what he wants. He now wants Carlos to do the impossible - to get his son Nissan acquitted in a Federal case.

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S. Dot

Target Voice Actor: D.C. Young Fly

(World Famous social media star and comedian)

S. Dot is one of Randall Chillings's sidekicks. Randall literally kicks S. Dot in the side - a lot! S. Dot hangs around Randall and acts as a hype man for his villainous ways. He has a speech impediment, so it is often hard to understand what he is saying.

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Charles (BOL jinn)

Target Voice Actor:

Charles is a 25-year old being of light (BOL) jinn. Jinn mature a lot faster than humans. Both BOL jinn and BOD jinn are supposed to protect the humans to whom they are tethered. Charles is amazed at how Carlos can see him as a youth. He brings Carlos into the "place beyond the mirror" a few times. As Carlos begins taking his medication, he loses his sense of Charles; so, Charles is unable to connect with Carlos. He eventually resolves to watch Carlos from afar and attempts to communicate with Carlos using intuition.

Chaz (BOD jinn)

Target Voice Actor:

Chaz is a 25-year old being of darkness (BOD) jinn. Chaz often watches Carlos with disdain as Carlos interacts with Charles. Chaz is bitter about how the LOJ has labeled BOD jinn, so he usually stays hidden. Whenever something terrible happens to Carlos, Charles suspects that Chaz may be the culprit.

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