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He's a quick-witted attorney with a knack for tipping the scales of justice, and he is about to discover the true depths of his supernatural powers!


TONE: The Boondocks Meets Aladdin

Genre: Comedic-Fantasy-Drama


"When a child is born a tutelary spirit is present at the birth. Every child is a genius; and, in every genius, there is a child."  ~B. Van Randall


Carlos is doing pretty darn well for himself these days. He has a lucrative career as a defense lawyer. His 360-wave (hairstyle) game is impeccable. And, his taste in suits, cologne, and women are top-notch. What many people wouldn’t know by looking at the Carlos Davis Esq. of today is that he was born addicted to the drug Split—Split baby, split baby, yeah, that’s him!


Carlos’s brain reacted strangely to Split. As a child, he was able to see things that other people could not see. Elaborate conversations, adventures, and experiences with his imaginary friends led to Carlos being diagnosed with what his doctors called, “Delusional Disorder.”

With Carlos unable to convince medical professionals that his imaginary friend named Charles was real, he was given his “crazy pill” and was advised and ultimately convinced that Charles was just a figment of his Split-brain imagination—and off Charles went—never to be seen by Carlos again.











Although Carlos could no longer see Charles, he thought of him often. He dreamed of the place beyond the mirror often as well. Charles would come and take Carlos at night to the place beyond the mirror for some of the wildest adventures imaginable. Whenever Carlos would feel himself daydreaming or longing for the place beyond the mirror for too long, he would be sure to pop his “crazy pill." For a moment, thoughts of Charles and feelings about the place beyond the mirror would disappear.

Being a Split baby had some advantages (never thought you would hear that one being said out, loud did you?). Besides making Carlos a head-case, Split heightened many of Carlos’s senses. Carlos has intuitiveness, knowledge, and intelligence that resulted in him getting his ass kicked in his Detroit inner-city classrooms a lot and resulted in him being able to get himself to and through college. Split amplified his athletic abilities which he utilized to run away from bullies like Randall Chillings regularly.


The funny thing about Carlos’s “Delusional Disorder” is that he isn’t delusional at all. Charles is very much real and very much a BOL Jinn. BOL means “beings of light.” They, along with the BOD Jinn (“beings of darkness”), are born whenever a human is born. They remain tethered for life.

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Carlos Davis, Esq. is a high-profile attorney. He has worked some of the highest-profile criminal cases and is known for getting his clients acquitted when they seem to be completely guilty. Carlos has a knack for reading people and a keen intuition; so, understanding the law and defense come easy for him. His courtroom antics leave many in amazement and scratching their heads, wondering; "How in the heck does he do it?"


After winning the Devough Kline case, a notorious gangster named Novi Cole approaches Carlos. He demands Carlos to represent his son, Nissan. The problem is Nissan was arrested and charged with racketeering. The case against him is airtight. Nissan is GUILTY BUCKO! There is no helping that fool! Of course, Carlos doesn’t want to take on a losing cause, so he refuses. Cole doesn’t want to take “no” for an answer, so he applies pressure. Cole then threatens the safety and well-being of Carlos's family. So, Carlos reconsiders when Novi offers him double the amount of money he would typically make for such a case.













































Inside the place beyond the mirror, Charles can see that Carlos is in trouble. He appeals to the Legion of Jinn (LOJ) for permission to intervene and assist Carlos with his desperate situation. What is the LOJ you ask? They are a council of a bunch of badass, old-ass, magical-ass genies that uphold the Law of the Great Light. They’re not the kind you want to make unhappy.













The LOJ denies Charles’s request. See, the only way Charles can intervene is if Carlos finds him and connects with him using his intuition. The human must contact the Jinn…never the other way around. Jinn can guide, but they cannot make direct contact unless the human finds them first. If a human successfully finds his Jinn unaided, and unassisted, then the Jinn can become a physical force in the life of the human. The Jinn can also grant the wishes of the human. Jinn are like human’s Fairy-God-Motherfuckers…but on steroids! Cinderella’s old biddy doesn’t have anything on a Jinn—facts!

…so, back to Nissan’s guilt-as-hell-head-ass (read that again with a New York accent this time). Carlos ultimately takes the case to defend him. And, not to the surprise of ANYONE, but he is convicted. Nissan is just arrogant, flashy, and too ruthless of a criminal. PEOPLE WANT HIM LOCKED UP with the key thrown into the Detroit River—or the Atlantic Ocean (whichever is deepest)! But, of course, Novi is not content. He is angry with Carlos and tries to blame him for the outcome.


To make matters worse, Nissan vanishes during his transport to prison. Nissan is not the type that would be on a Christmas card list, so it is no surprise that his ass comes up missing. But, that is beside the point. Novi is even angrier with Carlos now. How is this Carlos’s fault? idea. But in the mind of a sadistic kingpin, it makes all the sense in the world. Novi tells Carlos that unless his son is found unharmed, he will also learn the pain of losing a son. Cue dramatic music, right?

Well, it gets even worse. Novi orders the kidnapping of Carlos’s son. The police are of no help; so, Carlos must try and figure this problem out all on his own.

One day while by the river next to a heavily wooded area, Carlos laments. He looks down at his reflection in the water. On the other side of the reflection, Charles can look back and see Carlos. Without warning, he catches a glance at Charles. His face startles Carlos, so he jumps back in terror. When Carlos investigates the water again, there is no Charles. Carlos reaches for his “crazy pills,' which he realizes he hasn’t taken in a while.

Carlos stares at the pill bottle. He thinks to himself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to escape to the place beyond the mirror again?” He remembers how exciting, fun, and simpler things seemed to be back then. In a moment of spontaneous rebellion, Carlos tosses the pills into the river. He immediately realizes what he has done and dives into the water to get them out. But, Carlos forgot one thing…he is a terrible swimmer. The truth is he cannot swim at all.

Carlos wakes up soaking wet to a voice calling his name. Charles is leaning over him. At that moment, Carlos realizes that Charles is real! This realization brings him immediate relief, followed by an extreme reaction of fear and panic. He is meeting a Jinn officially for the first time. That is not something that happens every day.


…to be continued…

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